Friday, October 22, 2010

Memorable Quotes Week 3

5. On ADHD: “When the behavior is excessive and problematic, the search for environmental explanations and resolutions should always precede the use of medications to dampen the symptoms.” (177) - Eli Newberger via The men they will become

4. “Drop everything for the art.” - Dan Trahey

3. On Louis Armstrong: “Jazz is a nice metaphor for the combination of self-control and creative action that constitute character.” (169) - Eli Newberger via The men they will become

2. “Open your heart before you open your mouth.” - Kathleen Howland

1. On working for social justice: “So often the helpless help the helpers more than the helpers help the helpless.” - Eli Newberger (lecture)

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  1. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with trying to capture the "main idea" that our speakers present, and thus miss out on quotes such as these. Thanks for posting - curious to see what the quotes will be from this week....