Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why so serious?

I've created an account with Scribd, where I will post more formal papers and essays. My first addition to Scribd is a working paper that will be finalized by early December after I receive comments from my two advisers at Northwestern University. It's not directly on El Sistema but has implications for arts organizations of all sizes, especially small and medium-sized organizations.

The (slightly) pretentious title is...

Arts Organizations and the Democratization of Space: Understanding the influence of physical space and urban design on the success of performing arts organizations

The organizations I studied include:

Street Level Youth Media (Chicago, IL)
Zumix (Boston, MA)
Community Music Works (Providence, RI)
Old Town School of Folk Music (Chicago, IL)
New World Symphony (Miami, FL)

The People's Music School (Chicago, IL)
Evanston Arts Depot and Piccolo Theatre (Evanston, IL)
Albany Park Theatre Project (Chicago, IL)

Feel free to read/scrim some of it!

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