Friday, October 15, 2010

Memorable Quotes Weeks 1 and 2

As I sit here going through my notes, with a bit of time to finally process the abundant amount of information, stories, and events from the first two weeks, I'm reminded of my fascination (obsession?) with great quotes. This post will act as the first in a series of weekly posts in which I will list the top five quotes of the week in ascending order. Feel free to publicly or privately disagree with my ordering!

Here goes:

5. "Children who grow up in El Sistema are marinated in beauty from a very young age."
- Eric Booth

4. "El Sistema ties the soul with the mind in a very zen way."
- Andrea Profili

3. "If you align passion with something you are really good at, there is no chance for failure."
- David Gracia

2. "People get tired of beautiful playing...When someone speaks music we must respond"
- Ben Zander

1. "As soon as you know four notes, you are able to teach someone who knows three."
- The Collective Mind

Until next week...

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